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10 Reasons to Summer Camp at SFR

Summer Camp is one of the best experiences in all the world! I suppose I am a bit biased since it’s my job. SO check out the testimonies below from the campers themselves!

  • “At first, I believed in God, but I didn’t have a relationship with Him. SFR helped me to get a good relationship with God.” –Zachary
  • “Worship freedom at this camp, no one cares if you dance around or sing real loud. You are free to worship God the way you want.” –Noah
  • “This year of camp, it was soooo awesome! I experienced God really hard this week. It’s worship was more powerful than it is at my church. I feel better now than I did at the start of camp. I love the Lord! One of my favorite things this week was to encounter God in the Hearing the Voice of the Lord workshop. Thank you SFR!” –Laura
  • “I feel that I have accepted the Lord into my heart. I feel that I have felt His presence. I feel that I have spoken to the Lord and listened to the Lord. I have learned so much about him and he has helped me learn about myself.” –Claire
  • “Before I came to camp, I was afraid to worship God. But now I’m not afraid to worship God freely.” –Josh
  • “I was born and raised in an average Christian home and went to Christian camps, but lately have developed a lying/faith problem as well as some rough stuff. At SFR, I have sincerely felt a resurgence in my faith and realized I can beat my problem with God’s and my friends/family’s help.” –Collin
  • “This week, I have easily gained the most out of my 6 years here. I have experienced so much love it’s unreal- I have learned how to be a better person- I have also seen the Lord work in so many ways through everybody I have been with. And I have even seen a change in me, just in this week.” –Madison 
  • “God helped me find peace. Jesus showed Himself to me like He was standing in front of me. This camp is the best. God has moved here in so many ways. Climbing the rope in Male Journey reminded me that the path to righteousness is going to be hard, but push through and you’ll get to a better place.” –Gabe
  • “This week the Lord spoke to me and told me to see people through His eyes, with His love. I really loved our Ranch Camp Journey when we talked about beauty because I was able to let go of the insecurities that distracted me from loving Him.” –Callie
  • “Before this week I felt like I didn’t have a place or purpose. I hadn’t experienced real joy in a very long time and was extremely unhappy with my life and the way I was living it. God showed me that without Him, I would never be fulfilled and for the first time since I can remember, I felt genuine joy and instantly saw a change in my heart when I realized that God had unconditional love for me.” –Paige


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