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A Great Day To Be At Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

I love my job. If you know me very well you know I value Shepherd’s Fold Ranch very deeply and am so excited to be the Retreat Director here. Hosting Retreats for different churches and schools last month was such a great experience and I believe we started the learning journey to become experts of our Retreat and Hospitality craft. Last month we hosted: Believer’s Church youth, leaders from Bridgeway Church in OKC, the OU women’s soccer team, Empty Hands missions organization, Wesleyan Christian School in Bartlesville back to school, First United Methodist in Tulsa’s Freshman retreat and Younglife leaders for Norman and it was marvelous! My job seems to be constantly evolving and includes everything from pricing adjustment, contract development to cleaning out the pool and cleaning cabins. Our heart is to be a resource for any school, church or group looking to go deeper. Going deeper as a leadership or sports team- going deeper in their relationship with the Lord— going deeper in their personal relationships or just deeper in their own understanding of their identity. I love the illustration from C.S. Lewis when talking about approaching Narnia. I can not remember the exact setting but the invitation is to move, “further up and further in.” Moving to deeper and more intimate places captures the heart and purpose of retreats out here at the Ranch. We want to be the place the encourages people to do business with God. I hope as I continue to listen to the Spirit and work hard at booking retreats Shepherd’s Fold will grow to be THE PLACE people think of when needing a retreat center. Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is a top notch Christian summer camp and retreat center established just North of Tulsa in Avant, Oklahoma. Since 1972 they have provided incredible summer camps for kid’s of all ages and throughout the fall, summer and spring has worked with various churches, teams, businesses and schools to offer the best retreat accommodations and activities in Northeast Oklahoma. Hope you all have a blessed Labor day weekend and if you are ever in need or retreat or event planning please do not hesitate to call us!

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