Middle school boys Christian summer camp playing basketball at Shepherd's Fold Ranch.

Alyssa S.

My name is Alyssa Smith, and I am on the Summer Leadership Team at SFR as a Ranch Camp Coordinator. This is my 4th year on staff, and I have gone to Shepherd’s Fold Ranch since I was 9 years old. I first came because my mom heard about it from some friends at our church and she signed me up. Before I knew it I was jumping off this gigantic tower made of sticks and metal in some country pond, partaking in the legendary dance parties of W.A.C.K.O (Wild and Crazy Kiddos), and hanging out with some crazy life-changing counselors. From that week on, I was set on a course of continuous encounter with God, (the course we were ALL created for), so I kept coming back. The Lord taught me how to worship Him out on the hilltop in Avant, OK, and the seeds that were planted in my heart then are flourishing today as I get to lead worship at SFR and now at Shepherd’s Fold Community Church.

I love SFR because the community is INCREDIBLE, and there is such a culture of love, acceptance, and grace that is essentially God’s kingdom working on earth. SFR has trained me up to express my love for Jesus with no limits. There are so many ways to worship Him, and I first discovered this freedom at Shepherd’s Fold. Shepherd’s Fold is a place for kids (young and old) to come and ‘do business with God,’ and every time I go out to the ranch I feel as though I am coming home. Here I learned the importance of being open with God and others. I have received so much healing, created relationships that I will have for the rest of my life, and experienced the love of God on increasingly deeper levels than I ever thought possible…and there is still SO MUCH MORE! Praise the Lord!

Everyone should have the chance to experience SFR! Each summer we gain a deeper understanding of the Father’s love through living in kingdom community, causing us to grow more and more into our identities as son’s and daughter of the Most High God, and everything else in our lives will flow from this truth. What could be greater?!

Alyssa, SLT 2010, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch