American Camp Association Accreditation

For nearly two years Shepherd’s Fold Ranch has been pursuing accreditation with the American Camp Association (ACA). ACA is a community of professionals who have joined together to share their knowledge and experience so as to ensure the quality of camp programs across the world. According to their website, “ACA works to preserve, promote, and improve the camp experience” and are a leading source in child development.” In order to become accredited, a camp must successfully comply with a minimum of 80% of standards in each of the 7 sections of standards. Overall, the guidelines are made up of over 250 standards.

This past June, ACA visitors came to Shepherd’s Fold Ranch for an entire day. The morning was spent touring our camp so they could see it in action. We took a break at lunch and shared a meal with the campers. The afternoon was spent in the office with the ACA visitors going through all of our paperwork. It was a good day! The visitors had their book of standards, and one by one, marked SFR ‘in compliance’, ‘not in compliance’, or ‘does not apply’. Out of the 250+ standards, we only did not comply on 4!

So now we wait… the visitors put our score sheet into an envelope and mailed it to their headquarters where it will be scored with a number system. In November we will find out whether or not SFR is now accredited with the American Camp Association.

I am confident of the work we did. I am confident of the work we do.  #ACA2014