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Another Summer Camp Registration UltraCamp FAQ

Where do the other tabs located in the main account page lead?

  • Clicking on the person’s name directly – If you directly click on the person’s name, which is located on the main page, you will be directed to the “Person Detail” page. There is a “Person Detail” page for everyone listed in your UltraCamp account. The “Person Detail” page is where you may also make reservations, edit memberships (church affiliation), edit/add medications, and view/edit any forms that need to be completed.
  • Accounts Balance Tab – This is where you are able to view your account’s financial status. By clicking on the “plus” sign, you are able to make various payments. The “Sponsorship Payments” link requires a code from a church where a scholarship has already been approved for you. This is not used for applying for scholarships from the diocese.
  • Previous Reservation and Session Waiting List – This is where all your reservations are recorded.
  • Alternate Contacts – Persons not listed in your account whom you would like for us to contact are listed here.
  • Authorized Pickups – Persons not listed in your account who have permission to pick up your child are listed here. You may add or delete individuals here.
  • Friends Account – This is where you add people to your account giving them the ability to email your child while at summer camp. Once you have added them to your “friends account” a Friend Code will be generated.  You will then create a “pass phrase,” which will give the friend access for emailing. Email the information to your friend. Once your friend has received the email, he/she will click on the link which will send them to the UltraCamp login page. Your friend will need to create an account. Once the account is created, he/she may go to the email icon located on the left-had side of the main account page and email the camper. If your friend already has an account, he/she may go directly to the email icon and send an email.

What are the icons on the left hand side of the page for?

docs  This icon will connect you to the UltraCamp documents. These are the documents that have information regarding the session you have signed up for. You are able to download the forms and print them off anytime. This is also where you find the online forms that are in your account. Click on the form you would like to review or edit and then the name of the person which requires updating.

  emailThis icon will take you straight to the camp store.

ucemail  This icon takes you to the page which will enable you to email a camper. Only persons listed in your account can email a camper directly using this procedure (see “Friends Account” above). If someone not listed in your account would like to email your camper, he/she will need to be added to your “friends account,” which is located on your main account page.

 ucsponsor This is where a code is entered if you plan to sponsor someone else to attend a camping session or retreat.

donations  This icon is used for donations.

 calendar This icon will give you a list of available sessions offered through UltraCamp.

homepage  This will take you back to the main page of the Shepherd’s Fold Ranch website.

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