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Retreat Center in Oklahoma | Getting New Cabins

Oklahoma Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is getting some new cabins! For the longest time, we have had Ranch Camp and Treehouse Village as our only lodging options. These have been and will continue to be incredible accommodations for our summer camp and guests but we have learned of the evolving needs of our guests. Through surveys, recommendations and our own stays in our cabins we have seen the need for more comfortable accommodations for our adult guests. This is an exciting development for Shepherd’s Fold. The last time new cabins were  built was in 1992 when Treehouse Village was originally constructed. New cabins mean more than just the ability to host more people. Building new cabins speaks to the faithfulness of the Lord. These cabins are over 50% funded by generous donors before we have even broken ground and we are excited for all that is to come. In addition to the new cabins we have put in a new adventure element for both the Youth Summer Camps and retreat groups. There are rumors of developing the retired horse barn into a “folksy” meeting space and restrooms to seat up to 300 people! The other idea for the barn relates to some of our new Summer Adventure Tracks. Think of a covered shooting gallery for archery and slingshots.

In addition to the new cabins, we have also added a fun new game called 9 square in the air for our campers and retreat guests to use during their stay. It is a very popular game that is a welcome addition to the Briggs Park Activity Area. SO far, it has been loved by everyone that has played it. I am super excited to see it put to good use at summer camp. The 9 Square in the air team was very friendly and even helped us expedite shipping so we could have it arrive before an important retreat. I would highly recommend them and we may even be purchasing another set at the end of this year!

2014-04-04 13.21.10

Also, we have built a brand new high ropes element called, the Quadrenaline Jump, or The Quad for short. This thing is amazing! I have done quite a few high ropes elements in my time in camping and ministry and I have rarely had the rush I got when I jumped off this. The Quad by design, is similar to a Pamper Pole that challenges participants to climb over 3o feet in the air, stand on a platform about the size of one shoe and jump off trying to slap a bell. The only thing the climber feels is the rope attached to their back. It uses a team belay system and requires everyone engaged to be fully invested.

2014-03-24 14.30.41

All in all, there is some exciting developments at Shepherd’s Fold this year. We look forward to seeing you either at a retreat or this summer at camp. If you have any questions or need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask– it is our pleasure to serve you!

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