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Biblical Teachings at Summer Camp

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is a place in the country where people can encounter the fullness of God. Every evening during Summer Camp, all of camp attends a Night Encounter – AKA worship and an age-appropriate Bible Teaching. Both worship and the Bible Teachings are typically led by one of our Summer Leadership Team or a summer staff member who we have prepared to lead.

Every Bible Teaching includes the following parts:

a)      A quick recap of the previous teaching(s).

b)      A Title that lines up with the overall direction for the teaching. We write in on the white board up front and encourage campers to write it down as well.

c)      Scripture is the basis from which we teach! We want the kids to get in the Word, which means we use it and we use it in context!

d)     Visual Support helps the group put a picture to what is being said and helps keep the message from being too abstract.

e)      People relate really well to stories and people also connect with people who are like them. Our staff members share age-appropriate stories from their lives that support the main message.

f)       We want to invite the group into something more, something bigger so the teachings inspire action to a deeper relationship with Jesus!

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 918-263-3622 or email

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