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Campers recite Gettysburg Address

“Four score and seven years ago…” Many are familiar with the opening lines of the infamous Gettysburg Address. A couple of our very own Shepherd’s Fold Ranch summer campers were able to participate in a PBS show – Inside American Experience. The campers are featured in the video posted on the Public Broadcasting Station’s website. Juliette can be seen at the 0:45 mark and Julia can be found at the 1:06 mark. To view them in the PBS production, follow the video link to the Gettysburg Address here:

Both campers have been attending Christian camp at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch for a number of years. They have attended multiple summer camp sessions, as well as retreats throughout the year. For more information on Shepherd’s Fold Ranch Summer Camp, check out our Summer Camp Page. For more information on Shepherd’s Fold Ranch Retreats, check out our Retreat Page.

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