Christian Camp & Conference Association Ozark Sectionals

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is a member of the Christian Camp & Conference Association (CCCA). CCCA is an international organization that provides valuable resources for leaders in Christian camp/conference ministry, and for people seeking a Christian camping experience. Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is located in the Ozark section of CCCA.

Every year, SFR and other camp and conference centers in the Ozark section gather together for an event called “Sectionals”. It is usually a three day event hosted in February. There are breakout seminars, worship sessions, and Christian presentations. It is always refreshing to come together with about 100 other Christian camping people and worship the Lord, meet new people, gain new programming ideas, be encouraged, and grow spiritually. Camp people are a great group to be around.

This year’s Ozark Sectional is titled “RENEW”. It will be held on February 4-6, 2014 in Colcord, Oklahoma at New Life Ranch (NLR). NLR is a Christian camp whose mission is to “proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip believers for ministry”. SFR and NLR staff have become great friends over the past few years. We’re excited to share in the same purpose of furthering the kingdom of God and bringing glory to His name.