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Everything You Need To Know About Summer Camp 2021

Since 1972, Shepherd's Fold mission has been to make disciples of Christ and to change camper's lives for God's purposes and His glory.


SFR has developed a COVID-19 health and safety plan, examining every area of camp from arrival to departure.  We have sought direction from leading medical resources, state and national camping leaders, as well as guidance from the CDC and the American Camping Association (ACA) in development of this plan.

How are are you creating a safe and clean camp environment?


The American Camping Association (ACA) published detailed guidelines and protocols for operating a residential summer camp. Our team has studied these protocols and will carefully work to implement the health standards. As always, your camper’s health and safety will continue to be a top priority.


  • At home pre-screening before kids ever get to camp
  • We will be conducting a health screening of each camper and staff member upon their arrival to camp, including a temperature check and questionnaire.
  • All campers and staff will be checked daily for temperatures and monitored for any new symptoms that may arise.
  • Washing and sanitizing of hands when entering cabins and general spaces around camp


At SFR we have a commitment to have clean and well maintained facilities. Our staff will clean and sanitize cabin sinks, showers, & bathrooms each day and our housekeeping staff will focus on cleaning the high traffic common areas several times a day.


Before camp begins, we will enhance and prioritize our staff training sessions to focus on personal hygiene & cleanliness. Counselors will be well-versed in our elevated health protocols and be given the tools and supplies necessary to maintain a clean cabin environment. Additionally, our counselors will help teach, monitor, & reinforce good personal hygiene practices in the cabin. We will consistently remind campers (and staff) to follow safe and healthy habits while they are at camp.


Shepherd’s Fold will be taking steps to reduce the number of close interactions campers and staff have with others. When feasible, Camp will be divided into smaller cohorts (groups of no more than 45 campers). Various aspects of our program including activities will all be experienced within their cohort. By limiting interactions between cohorts, we are mitigating the risk of widespread exposure should someone develop symptoms while at camp.


We are taking extra measures in our kitchen and dining hall to protect our campers and staff. Safety protocols will be enhanced for meal preparation, serving times will be spread out over a longer period of time & campers will eat with their cohorts in a variety of locations. Facilities will also be cleaned and sanitized between meals.


Clearly communicating how we are mitigating the risk of COVID-19 at camp is critical to building confidence among our camper parents. With full transparency, we are eager to communicate the various modifications we are making at camp and will communicate Covid-related health concerns with families impacted. Our team is here to answer any questions you might have!


Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is doing everything we can to prevent and limit the spread of communicable disease at camp this summer. We know we are required to do everything we can physically, but we also need to prepare spiritually as well. We believe The Lord has allowed us to be here “for such a time as this”. We are praying for you, your campers, and our staff – trusting The Lord will guard and protect us as we continue to pursue the mission of being a place in the country where you can do business with God.

What do we need to do before camp?

You will be required to complete an at home pre-screening and temperature checks before campers get to camp. We will be taking camper temperatures daily and we need your help in getting them used to the process before they arrive at camp. Also, you will need to sign a new release form for your camper.

Will There be open meetings this summer?

As of October of 2020 we have not made a decision for 2021...please check back in March.

Recommended guidance from The American Camping Association is minimize any any non-campers from being on site. This  helps keep the Camp environment as clean and healthy as possible. We realize this will be a big adjustment for us all but we are looking into providing online live feeds ( Avant internet dependent of course)

Will guests be allowed at camp?

We're minimizing any outside guests this summer. As much as possible, we will limit deliveries/ drops offs and advise any outside vendors to follow safety protocols advised by the ACA and CDC. Guests who need to come into camp (parent’s picking up campers outside of normal check-out times, etc) will need to do a medical screen before entering.

Drop off and pick up
  • We will have a staggered check in process. You will be emailed a specific time for check-in the week prior to the Sunday check in.
  • Parents will not be allowed in cabins at check-in and check-out (don’t worry, you’ll still get to meet their counselors. They will help your campers get their bunks set up!).
  • We will not be taking camp store payments on Sunday. Please do that through your online account before Sunday.
  • Our Saturday closing ceremony is yet to be determined for 2021


  • Campers returning from an overnight camp should minimize in-person contact with any person 65 years of age or older, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, for a period of 14 days. This includes maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet of separation from those individuals, wearing a face covering or mask, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects with those individuals
  • We will video record each of our awesome awards and email them out to the appropriate contact
What will happen if my camper (or someone in their cabin) gets sick?

Each morning and evening, campers and staff will receive a temperature check and asked about any new symptoms. They will also be educated on early communication if they start feeling sick. If a camper starts to feel ill, they will immediately report to the camp infirmary. Based on their symptoms, our medical professionals will determine if the camper needs to be isolated or not. Our goal will be to remove campers or staff with Covid-19 symptoms from camp as soon as possible, rather than to isolate them for long periods of time. We will not perform or take campers to testing due to turn-around time for results. Parents will be notified if there was a confirmed COVID-19 case at camp, and the CDC will be involved in contact tracing.

We understand that every family is being impacted differently by this pandemic and that you as a parent know what is best for your child.


+ Located just 35 mins from Tulsa

+ A non-denominational Christian summer camp and retreat center started in 1972.

+ Our mission is to provide a place in the country where people can do business with God.

+ We operate our own summer camps and retreats AND host a variety of churches, schools, universities and other non-profits.



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Since 1972, Shepherd's Fold Ranch has been offering Christ based, life-changing classic summer camp experiences. While having one of the best weeks of their year, campers will:

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