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If your video gets 1,000 views, we will pay you $25.

If your video gets 5,000 views, we'll give you $50.

If your video gets 10,000 views--  $100.

If your video gets 50k+ views or more, we will pay you $250.

If you hit the 50k+ view level, the bonuses compound

So, if you hit 50,000 views with one video, you will earn: ​ ​

$25 (1k views)

PLUS ​​$50 (5k views)

PLUS ​ ​$100 (10k views)

PLUS ​ ​$250 (50k+ views) ​ ​

For a grand total of… ​​

Drum roll please ​ ​$425

All you have to do is ensure the SFR handle is tagged in the video's caption and prove your results with a link to the vid and a screenshot of the analytics (send it to my email ron@sfrcamps.com).

Please note: these must be legit views as I will know within the screenshot if they're not.

No limit on how much you can be paid. Just focus on creating awesome content for the Fold and you can earn some cash!


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