Day #11 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa Christian summer camp is livening up! This has been a traveling week for me. I’ve been all over Oklahoma.

Monday I was in Stillwater. Ron and I met with Brian, Cody, Stuart, Charlie, Courtney, Jodie, and Caleb at Hideaway Pizza to talk about the Furnace. We may have added new summer staff person!! Camp is going to rock this summer. We already have REALLY COOL staff signed up for camp this summer.

Speaking of summer camp staff…Tuesday I traveled to Tulsa. I met up with Abby at Peach Wave. They had some pretty good yogurt there. It was the first time I had ever been. Abby is way awesome and so ready for camp!

Wednesday I was in Oklahoma City. Ron and I went to a Ben E. Keith food show. We spent three hours walking through the expo. We tried all sorts of things. We found new bacon and brisket and pulled pork and baby red potatoes and sweet potato waffle fries and fruit popsicles and cobbler!! We came to a quick conclusion that our current gravy still holds the #1 place for taste. J I’d like to think I’m a gravy connoisseur…

Today I visited Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee with Clay. He gave a presentation to two classes over things employers are looking for when they’re hiring college graduates. It was a really interesting presentation! Then I talked with a few people about the Furnace and being on summer staff at camp.

And tomorrow I’m going to Claremore for dinner with the Hubbard family. Let me tell you – they are some incredible people. There are FIVE daughters in the family. All beautiful, all very sweet, all very talented.