Day #13 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa Christian summer camp is busy, busy! On Monday, Dana and I went through the dining hall and found HUNDREDS of dishes. So we’re selling them! The cool thing – we found ROCK AWESOME plates that we’ll be using for camp this summer. Campers will be eating off Egyptian style plates decorated with gold artwork. They’re pretty fantastic.

SPRING RETREAT is THIS WEEKEND. There’s still room to sign up. AND you get a really cool FREE t-shirt. AND you get to see the really cool staff from the summer. And you get to see other campers from camp last summer. And you get to sing worship songs from camp last summer. And you get to play games from camp last summer. And you get to play new games that we’ll play at camp this summer. SIGN UP TODAY!

I think I’m going to rename Javine Hill (the road to camp) to Turtle Crossing because there have been so many turtles crossing the road to camp! I haven’t seen any turtles at camp yet though. Maybe they’ll come this weekend to the retreat or maybe they’ll come to camp this summer!

Swimming, archery, and lots of other camp stuff is on the schedule for camp this summer. I basically can’t wait.