Day #15 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa Christian summer camp was awesome this past weekend!! We had about 70 people here for the spring retreat and it ROCKED. We played all sorts of new games! And the best part is that we got to play them all outside! The weather was absolutely beautiful here at camp and we’re looking forward to a nice summer as well.

Brian introduced a new night game called Mission Impossible. The kids at camp had a blast! There were cars spread amidst the ball field with their hazard lights on. A few of them had summer staff members in them flipping the lights on and off as campers tried to sneak by. It looked so awesome. The campers really enjoyed it.

This week is “go time”. We’re ordering new merchandise for the store, drapes and a few new tables for the dining hall! We’re really excited for the awesome updates going on at Shepherd’s Fold. Camp this summer is already raised to a whole new level of fun and awesomeness!

OH! So the big secret I’ve been keeping… WE HAVE A NEW ROAD!!! It’s wonderful and smooth! Camp parents and kids have been commenting on it. One gentleman rolled down his window and said, “I’ve been waiting thirty-five years for this road.” Come check it out!