Day #17 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa Christian summer camp has a lot of exciting things going on! First off, I have a cat! He is big and gray with beautiful green eyes. He’s super sweet and loves hanging out on my front porch. I call him “Kitty”, the Griffins call him “Dom” and my friend Stephanie calls him “Tom”. He just likes to be talked to J

We have a new retreat coordinator! His name is Daniel Roberts. He’s been a Foldie for over ten years and was the 2008 and 2009 Camp Director here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. He loves working at the Christian summer camp and retreat center. He likes to hike and fish and camp during the summer. His wife, Whitney is a Foldie as well. She is awesome and will be volunteering as a nurse this summer.

The Ranch looks beautiful. The new road is fantastic, the rain has kept everything green, and Jack has got the grounds all trimmed up. You should come see the camp for yourself!

This past weekend, we had the men’s group from Abiding Harvest Church out here for a “Courageous” retreat. They had a wonderful time. Tammy prepared BBQ beef sandwiches (my favorite) and the guys made countless comments on how impressive they were.

Also, Katie’s birthday was Saturday. She turned six and had a birthday party here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch! We had pony rides and line dancing and s’mores and a hay ride! I had a blast!