Day #8 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa summer camp is coming! Only 57 days!! I accidentally slept in this morning. Tucker (my five and a half pound puppy) enjoyed me being home for an extra hour. He loves living at camp. Every time groups come out here he gets so excited. Just wait until campers get here—he’ll be ecstatic! He’ll swim in the pond with them and take canoe rides. Tucker loves running in the woods, so I know he’ll go hiking with all of the adventurous kids. I bet Charlie (the Griffin’s dog) will love all of the campers and summer staff being here as well.

The Dining Halls/Kitchen: WE GOT A NEW ICE MACHINE!! It’s giant. There will be plenty of ice to put in water bottles all day long. Everyone will stay hydrated. We’re working on getting new curtains to block out the hot summer sun. The curtains we’re looking at might just have kids saying “it’s too cold”! We’re getting five new tables! Dana and I did a test last week and we discovered that TEN tables will fit in each dining hall! That’s EIGHTY people on each side! Another cool thing – we’re getting a salad bar! Campers will have multiple options to build their own salad.

We haven’t watched the Beware of Christians movie yet so I can’t update you. Hopefully we’ll watch it tomorrow and I’ll fill ya in! I’m still pretty excited. The guys that made it personally visit camps and churches to answer questions about the movie. It could be a pretty neat deal. Again, haven’t watched it, so I don’t know yet.

All is quiet at the ranch tonight. I’m going to lie on my couch and read book #1 of the Hunger Games. And I’ll probably eat some ice cream.