Day #9 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa summer camp is coming! Be in prayer! There’s a man out here today who is going to give us a price quote on a new driveway at camp!!! If this happens, we’ll be painting a checkered start/finish line at the bottom of the hill. Once again, I’m still so excited for camp!

There is an Easter Egg Hunt in Skiatook tomorrow morning. It’s being put on by Courtyard Church and will begin at 10am. Kids from all over Skiatook will come out to find the colorful candy-filled eggs. Tuesday evening, I went down to the church to help fill the eggs and I saw a camper from Shepherd’s Fold! She was so excited that she knew me. It was awesome and made me even more ready to have campers from Tulsa, Skiatook, Owasso, Collinsville, Barnsdall, Bartlesville—ALL OVER OKLAHOMA—be here at camp this summer!

The weather the past few days has been a little cool for my liking. I’d rather it be warm (almost hot) so that I can canoe and fish! The pond isn’t as high as it was right after the rainfall, but it’s still got enough water to jump off the tower! Kids will definitely be happy about that! Also, we’re getting a volleyball net for the pond so we can play water volleyball during free time! Here’s a secret- there will be a week-long disc golf tournament during free time at camp this summer! There will be some rock awesome prizes for the winner!

It’s my sorority sister, Morgan’s, birthday today! We’re having a special dinner for her tonight in downtown Tulsa. This makes me think of birthdays at camp. We make cakes and sing the birthday kid the SFR Birthday song! This summer, we have several summer staff that will have their birthdays while they’re at camp. For summer staff, the cooks like to do something extra special for them. For instance, every year, Brian gets his own gallon of milk and fried okra because he loves them so much!