Forerunner Hiking Trip: Ozark Highlands Trails April 8-10, 2011

Forerunner Hiking Trip2011 Forerunner Training Backpacking Trip
Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is hosting this backpacking trip as a part of it’s Forerunner Training Camp; an introduction to leadership training school that endeavors to assist juniors and seniors in high school develop their discover and develop their leadership skills.  Executive Director, Clay Staires and Assistant Camp Director, Brian Cunningham will be leading the training on this trip.

The scriptural theme of this trip is Isaiah 30: 20-21 –

Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them.  Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying,  ‘This is the way; walk in it’.”

SFR is teaming up with Long Walk Oklahoma, for this trip.  Mike Morris will be our trail guide for the two-day, 12 mile hike.

Our intent is to use the tool of backpacking to put young leaders in the midst of a life situation that provides some pressure and difficulty that will reveal character.  As we all know, pressure and struggle is a wonderful revealer!!  We use age-appropriate experiences to stretch these young leaders in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Forerunner Training Camp (FTC) experience continues during the summer at SFR where we provide four separate weeks of leadership training with additional weeks of volunteering.  As with backpacking, we use these experiences to “provide the heat that reveals impurities”.  Trained leaders that can help remove these “impurities” without sacrificing any of the “precious metal” supervise SFR’s Summer FTC. (Prov. 25:4)

April 8-10, 2011
Ozark Highland Trail
Cass, Arkansas

Climb Hair Mountain2.5 hours from Tulsa to the Cherry Bend Trailhead

Friday, April 8
4:30pm        Arrive at 1920 S. Yorktown, Tulsa (this is Shirley Staires’ house)

It is recommended that you be dropped off rather than leaving your car unattended for the weekend.

5:00pm        Wheels Rollin!!
(we’ll eat a prepared meal on the road)

Drive to Cass, Arkansas

Arrive and Set Up camp near Cass, Arkansas

Saturday, April 9
Break Camp and head for Cherry Bend Trailhead
Hike 6 miles to the top of Hair Mountain (5hr hike)
Lunch on the trail
Set up Camp

Sunday, April 10
Break Camp and return to trailhead
Lunch on the trail
Load up and return to Tulsa
5:00pm Arrive at 1920 S. Yorktown

We’ll stop and get something to eat on the way home.  You’ll

want to bring cash for this meal.

The 6 Foundations of FTC…

  1. To lead is to serve.
  2. Leadership involves struggle.
  3. As a leader, the biggest struggle is having to lead those I don’t want to serve.
  4. The Lord uses these struggles to reveal character issues in ME, not THEM.
  5. Change doesn’t come by avoiding struggles.  To grow as a good leader, I must transact with God in the area of these character issues.
  6. The only way to successfully lead in the midst of these struggles is to take on the character of Jesus Christ and serve others.

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