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Growth in Camper Numbers

During the 2013 camping season, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch experienced growth like never seen before! Over 200 additional campers attended from the 2012 camping season. We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision and endless blessings! Many efforts were extended to make camp the best that it could be.IMG_1678

About 200 students from the Campus Christian Fellowship group at Truman State University came in early March to serve at SFR in any capacity we asked. They painted buildings, dug drainage ditches, hauled rocks, built fire pits, cleared trails, and SO MUCH MORE! This gave SFR a beautiful new look.

The Summer Leadership Team spent countless hours praying and preparing for the staff, the campers, the families, the guests, and the Holy Spirit movements. Worship was absolutely amazing! Be sure to check out our Summer Worship Song List – it’s inspiring.

Daniel Roberts, our Retreat Director, spent numerous hours putting together a marketing plan to help get the word around town about SFR. You may have seen the SFR yard signs around Skiatook and Tulsa – Daniel designed those! You may have heard our ad on KXOJ radio station – Daniel made that happen. He’s really great at connecting with people. If you’re looking for a place to take your group for a retreat (of any kind) be sure to contact him at or call him at 918-263-3622.

If you have any questions about summer camp at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, feel free to contact the office at 918-263-3622, or email the Camp Director at

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