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How To Pick A Great Retreat Center

Five great tips on How To Pick A Great Retreat Center, because you know you want to know.

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is a fantastic Tulsa Retreat Venue and as the Retreat Director out here, I would like to offer five great tips to help you in picking the right Retreat Center in Oklahoma. With all the options for hosting retreats and can be overwhelming. You may be asking yourself, “Do we need a hotel?” “What kind of food should we serve?” “How will we DO food?” “What kind of lodging do we need compared to what kind of lodging would we prefer?” “How do I know if people will come?”  and “What will we do at a retreat?”

In an effort to be an incredible Christian summer camp and retreat center we have gone and answered these questions for our potential guests. Now, I am sure you will have other great questions that are not addressed by an article like this, so please feel free to contact us in our office and we will be glad to help plan your event in any way we can.

“Do we need a hotel?” This is a great question that can be answered better by asking WHY would you need a hotel. If you are concerned about accessibility for wheelchairs or strollers check with different camps or conference centers if they are ADA certified. If they are not chances are you would be better at a hotel. If you don’t need that consideration, then camps and conference centers can provide the atmosphere and environment perfect for most retreats. Another reason to consider a hotel is because of their A/V options provided. Most hotels will have fantastic audio video setups available for conferences and general viewing. Most camps and conference centers will offer A/V solutions as well, it just best to call and ask. Also consider hiring out any DJ’s or bands that may fit the purpose and flow of your retreat and they may bring their own A/V equipment that you will not need to worry about.

“What kind of food should we serve?” Do you plan on providing meal service yourself or hiring the venue to serve? Either way it is important to plan what you guests will be eating. “Great food covers a multitude of sins.” People will always mention how great or how poor food is at a retreat and you do not want to be stuck left wanting. It is best to meet with the contact person of your venue ahead of time and request a menu so you can have time to suggest any changes and discuss any additional charges that may be required. Some facilities may also be organized to allow you to provide your own meal service. If that is the case and the direction you will be headed then you need to find out what will be included in the rental of the kitchen. Also, you should be prepared for whatever cleaning is expected at the end of your stay. Here are some great meal options if you are planning your own food. 

“How do I know if people will come?” This all comes down to how well you will be organized. Through the years we see it done many different ways, but I believe the best is to have people pay a small initial deposit to reserve their spot and have a final due date. Also, check with the retreat facility you are working with because they may have some unique rental policies that will dictate how you should proceed. Here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch we work off of a guaranteed minimum to give you the most leeway possible as you confirm your reservations.

If you are interested in learning more about the retreat services we provide at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch feel free to read all about it on our website

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