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Kelly Gibson – Board Member

Kelly is the daughter of Don and Shirley Staires. She is married to Gip Gibson, President of Tulsa National Bank. She and Gip have two kids ages 19 and 13. She moved to the ranch with her family when she was 12. “I loved being with my dad and got to go to his office often. I learned to love work and completing tasks by watching my dad”, Gibson says. She lead worship back in the 70’s with her 12 string guitar! (The early days of charismatic music!) She discovered Gods’ hand on her as a worship leader vs just being a song leader. “SFR is a place that calls you to be higher; to step into your destiny. It makes you want to be a better person”, she commented. “I’m honored to be asked to be on the board at this time with this group of people and the legacy that it represents.”
Gibson is currently working part time at Best and Sharp Law Firm in the accounting department. She is a member at First United Methodist Church.