I got a Letter in the Mail!!

I LOVE receiving letters in the mail! It’s always a surprise and it’s a little reminder that I’m being thought of somewhere in the world.

Several days ago I received a letter from one of my very first campers!! I was SO EXCITED! I opened it up as soon as I got back to my car and written on that sheet of paper were the sweetest words. The letter began by defining “honor” and how this characteristic was glorifying to God. She reminisced about her week of camp in 2008 when I was her counselor. She ended the letter with, “You have shown me honor and laid down your life to bless me and many others”.

The Lord sends encouragements in many different ways and at random times (or so it seems). It’s crazy, yet awesome to think that one week of sharing life is still impacting a life over four years later. The Lord does incredible thing EVERY moment of EVERY day. You never know when He is using you as a significant role in someone’s life. Keep your eyes focused on Him so you don’t miss the simple things—like receiving a letter in the mail.

Psalm 103:2 “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.”