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Mary Waller – Public Relations – Waller PR

Mary Waller here, parent of a three-summer camper @ SFR (and for full transparency, also member of the ranch’s marketing committee).

We became acquainted with SFR through one of the Staires first gen daughters, Kelly Gibson, and the same spring when I met a camp young leader, Daniel Roberts.

My firm was looking for an organization to provide pro Bono PR time to. Almost four years later we continue to work with the ranch leadership and our professional lives are much richer for the opportunity.

We’ve come to know the many ranch staff and volunteers who model a Christian work ethic and authentic generosity that makes it a joy and honor to be associated with.

What we didn’t anticipate was how our younger child would be drawn to this special place in the country. She has had her life enriched by the pouring out of love by counselors new and old each season, lessons of acceptance, the rewards of risking your heart by sharing candidly with others, the physical demands of Western Camp, and a tangible and powerful connection to the Lord nourished @ SFR through song, fireside chats and the surrounds of nature.

Now when we drop off and pick up after summer and weekend trips up with, we don’t want to leave!

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