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Ministry at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

Summer Camp has always been a place where life changing  decisions and lifelong relationships are made. Shepherd’s Fold Ranch Summer Camp was designed to facilitate these decisions and relationships by providing a place in the country where you could come and do business with God.

Our messages at camp are centered on the invitation of Jesus to “Come to me”.  There are three things we encourage: Believe in Jesus, be baptized in water, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Once we come “to Him” we are then invited to “Come Follow Him.” Following him daily is the true test of discipleship.

Our strategy is to train through: Daily Mentoring, Scripture Memorization, Wonderful Counselors, Qualified Staff, Family Style Meals, Community Living, Nightly Worship, and Encouraging Prayer.

Our Summer Camp introduces kids to wonderful role models and mentors that will remain a part of their lives for many years. By staying connected as they grow, kids receive training and experiences that help them mature and become confident in their identity in Jesus.

Our teaching and discipleship training is designed with curriculum that meets the needs of ages from 5 to 25.


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