Oklahoma Camp Summer Leadership Team

Summer Camp is one of the most fun things a person can participate in. For some, summer camp goes beyond one or two weeks in the summer. SFR’s Summer Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of 12 college students who have usually been involved with Shepherd’s Fold as campers, then have moved to staff and served for about two years. The SLT begins planning summer camp in December with a kick-off retreat. This is typically a two to three day retreat where the SLT spends quality time praying together, eating together,and laughing together. The main purpose of the retreat is to simply have fun together.

From there, the SLT meet once per month for about 6 hours each time. The focus of these meeting is leadership training and camp planning. In May, the Summer Leadership Team arrives one week before the staff. At the end of the summer, staff leave July 31 and the SLT stick around to wrap-up camp until August 3.

This summer’s team includes:

  • Claire Yinger, Furnace Coordinator
  • Brian Cunningham, Furnace Coordinator
  • Anna Cunningham, Worship Coordinator
  • Adriann Anderson, Support Staff Coordinator
  • Josh Kunkel, Adventure Coordinator
  • Cassie Frailey, Day Camp Coordinator
  • Nathan Frailey, Treehouse Village Coordinator
  • Matthew Sperle, Ranch Camp/ Summit Coordinator
  • Dana Agee, Forerunner Coordinator
  • Charlie Gurley, Forerunner Coordinator
  • Hope Chitwood, Camp Director