Top Reasons to Retreat at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch has been a place called home since 1972. Throughout the years we continually strived to provide the best service and accommodations to any and all guests. We love serving the body of Christ all throughout Northeastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and yes even the great state of Kansas. By doing what we love for 40 years we have learned a little bit about what makes this place so special. Here are the top four reasons why you should retreat at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch.

1) The Spiritual Anointing: This place is a safe haven from the pressures of culture and the Lord’s presence is so strong here- you can not escape a powerful encounter. Whether you are swimming in the pond, hiking in the woods, enjoying a sunset on the MAC deck or spending some time reading scripture in the Eagles nest it is hard to find a place where you can not enjoy the peace of God. When Don and Shirley first answered the call to raise their family out here and to raise the family of God they forever established the covering and anointing that rests over Shepherd’s Fold for all guests to rest under while they are here. 

2) Incredible Staff: When you are a guest at the Ranch you are not just a visitor, but you are invited to be like a family member. Make this place your home.  All the staff at Shepherd’s Fold have a passion to build the family of God and want to serve you as an expression of that passion. Regardless of your needs when you arrive they are here to support in any way possible. From full service programmed retreats to providing the basic accommodations the staff is trained to do it all. We like to consider our staff as modern day renaissance men/women. Where else can you meet someone who can, work in the kitchen, run a zipline, teach someone how to fish, lead some night games, teach a night lesson and lifeguard all in one day?

3) Very Affordable: While price is not everything is an extremely important factor to consider when planning a retreat. We take our job very seriously when it comes to pricing and stewardship. We view the Ranch as our measure of responsibility from the Lord and recognize the role we play in other parts of the body of Christ. We know we are providing top notch service and experience to all of our patrons and are able to keep the costs low. All of our camps, activities and rentals are incredibly priced and there are few places that will provide as much value as we can for your retreating dollars. If cost becomes an issue for you as you seek for the best retreating location, please reach out to us. We may be able to help.

4) Our Mission to Always Be Improving: This is what we do all the time. We want to be the best in the business. We have been doing it a long time and understand we can be a lot better. When your group is out here- we want to give you the best service ever, blow your minds with the booking process, and surprise and delight you throughout your stay. We value your relationship and are constantly seeking your ideas and thoughts to improve. We live by our guiding principles and filter everything we do through our mission statement. As a model for customer service we want to model Disney and or Starbucks. Not necessarily their religious or political beliefs but their service structure and orientation. Give us a chance to blow your mind when you come stay with us!

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*This post was written by Daniel Roberts from Tulsa Oklahoma. He is the Retreat Director at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch and an expert researcher, public speaker and loves graphic design.*