Oral Roberts University Missions Festival Summer Camp

Every year, Oral Robert’s University hosts various missional organizations for their week long Missions Festival. A couple of weeks ago, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch was one of 17 different organizations who were able to participate in ORU’s event. Over the course of only a couple days, we were able to share with hundreds of college students about SFR’s Summer Discipleship Training program – The Furnace. We passed out brochures, talked with students, and even spoke in a classroom. Over 40 ORU students showed interest in SFR’s Summer Discipleship Training Program. 

The Furnace is a 10-week Summer Discipleship Training Program for students ages 18-24, beginning May 25 and running through July 31, 2014. The Summer Discipleship Training Program is offered to students at no cost to them. Built into the curriculum, the Furnace students serve as the summer staff members for SFR’s Christian Summer Camp. While in the Furnace, students will be discipled and mentored with a focus on personal and professional development from a biblical foundation. For more detailed information, please visit our Furnace Page.

We are very grateful to Oral Robert’s University for allowing us to be a part of their 2014 Missions Festival. This week, our Camp Director will be meeting with a handful of the ORU students we met at the festival. We are hoping to see them at SFR all summer!