Retreats, Retreats and Retweets


So today on this lovely Labor day Shepherd’s Fold Ranch just said farewell to the Sewell Family Reunion. It was great having this crew here. They came from all over the Midwest and have been having family reunions since 1982! They came and played softball, did some archeryArchery at Shepherd's Fold Ranch, rode the zipline, had a talent show and just spent time as a family catching up. Having them here is great reminder of the heart of Shepherd’s Fold. We are a place in the country where people can do business with God and with each other. By retreating you are truly— retreating. Choosing to remove yourself from the daily distractions and responsibilities that can easily seem to overwhelm us. The invitation from Jesus to abide in Him (John 15:4) is a tough concept for the many to live their lives on. To abide means to remain– to literally wait. Waiting is sooooo counter cultural and almost drives us to start thinking we are doing something wrong. I know if I am waiting to long at a restaurant I assume something must be wrong. It is one of the most difficult things for me to wait to give or receive gifts as well. As soon as I have finished the shopping process I want to see the recipient’s response immediately! To abide in Christ truly requires the discipline to say NO and to not worry. Retreats are vital to that process. Are you retreating daily into the rest the Father has for you? I find a lot of value of hosting retreats and camps out here because of the power of the activity of retreating. If things are seeming overwhelming or too busy it is time to retreat. Time to get away and refocus. Time to remember your purpose for being here and the important things in your life. You are always invited to retreat out here in the beautiful Osage Hills. Just give us a call and we would love to host you. Even if you can not make it out here retreat where ever you can make it to. The peace of God is for all who remain in Him. God bless you this holiday.