Samuel J. Bein – SFR Alumni – Marketing Expert – InternetHappens.com

Samuel J. Bein has 17 years experience in marketing, event productions, management, sales, logistics and operations. He is an able manager and excels in all areas of his life. His core competency is developing winning marketing strategy and finding creative ways to maximize revenue potentials. He understands the biggest asset a company has, outside of its employee’s, is the data that is kept on their customers. As a consultant, he taught clients how to collect data on their customers (or potential customers), interpret data and show them how to use that information to doubles sales through new media, direct promotional marketing or direct mail campaigns.

Mr. Bein graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Price College of Business with his BBA in Marketing. While working full time for national marketing firm, Mr. Bein continued his education with a Master of Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University, H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

He and his wife own a small farm in Oklahoma were they raise/breed beef cattle, bees, APHA show horses, chickens, fruits/vegetables, exotic birds and Bassett hounds. He is a proud member of North Eastern Oklahoma Livestock Association (NEOLA) and Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association (OFRA) and helps fellow farmers and ranchers by teaching them how to move their business and product offerings online in this digital age. Sam is also the Operations Officer for Growponics of Oklahoma. Growponics is Israeli Hydroponic Greenhouse technology, fully automated, computer controlled, and provides hydro-organic produce, locally 365 days a year.

Samuel Bein
CEO/President Growponics Americas, LLC
Office: 918-948-7011
Skype: Sam_bein