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Second Sunday Supper

Join the Griffin’s on the second Sunday of the month for social, supper, and scripture from 4pm to 8pm.

4p. Social Time (Livin’ La Vida Ranch)second sunday supper club
5p. Supper (Home cooked Deliciousness)
6p. Scripture and More Social Time (Where the Real Party Is)
8p. See ya! (Now y’all come back now ya hear!)

The first Second Sunday Supper Club was held August 11 at the Griffin’s home (the timeless lodge at SFR). The Hawaiian theme was beautifully and thoughtfully carried out through every detail of the night! The lodge was decorated in Hawaiian floral arrangements, hanging (paper) parrots, hula skirts, and the gracious hosts dressing the part with Hawaiian shirts and dresses! The company was welcoming and full of life – none other than the SFR 2013 Summer Staff! They made the Hawaiian-themed Pictionary game delightful and fun.

The food was spectacular! Pineapple burgers with a side of sweet potato fries, bacon baked beans, and a pineapple dressed salad was served in a buffet style fashion. The dessert was scrumptious pound cake topped with homemade ice cream and fresh Porter peaches hand-picked only a few days before!

An encouraging word of scripture was led by Ron Griffin, the Executive Director, followed by a prayer wash over Cole Brown, a friend and volunteer at SFR who is leaving next week to serve a year in India! He will be sharing the love of Jesus with all those he encounters, specifically reaching out to young adults.

If you have any questions about Second Sunday Suppers at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, feel free to contact the office at 918-263-3622, or email the Camp Director at


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