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Shirley Staires – Founders – Visionaries

Shirley Staires - Founder

Staires moved to the Ranch in 1972 and remained the Executive Directors for 25 years.  Dr. Staires is currently mentoring women in Tulsa.  She experienced a burden for children early in life and now that has transferred to mothers.  Counseling, life coaching, mentoring and encouraging are all a part of her daily life. She was married to don for 43 years before he passed away in 1999.  They have 4 kids and 14 grandchildren.  “This ministry has gone way beyond our dreams!  Don wanted to leave a legacy and he has done that.  I still feel like I have a lot to do!  I love change and ‘new things’”, Staires said.  She is a member of  First United Methodist Church in Tulsa.