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When No One Is Watching…

Things that happen when no one is here to see it…

So as you may know, between the months of August and May, Daniel, Ron, and I are the only ones in the office at Shepherd’s Fold. Like in the summer, the fun never stops. The office is almost constantly filled with laughter, and I love it! Let me tell you, there are many many “dang I wish I’d ahve gotten that on camera” moments. Mostly it’s Daniel and Ron that I wish I’d have gotten on camera… a couple things were caught on camera.. 🙂

Hopefully you’ve seen the video show-casing the winner of the 1/2 off camp for 2013. It entails some quite hilarious takes of the sumo-lawn-mower-er intruding on scenes of Ronaldo being quite serious. I’m not sure how many times we had to record that video. The reality of a sumo-lawn-mower-er in the background had us all busting up. I’m pretty sure at one point, I was crying.

Ron went to Ireland in September to run a marathon. (26.2 miles!!) Ron is awesome. If you haven’t met him or his family, be sure you introduce yourself when you drop your kids off for camp. Anywho, you have to have a passport to go outside of the good ole U.S.A. So Ron and Daniel set up a lil DIY (do-it-yourself) passport photoshoot right here in the office. Actually, it was right behind my desk. Daniel is a pretty good photographer – he had us all laughing up a storm!

I suppose it’s time to explain the photo attached with this post… We visited Carpet One in Owasso. (We renovated the clubhouse down at Treehouse Village and carpet was needed to complete the project.) While I was busy seriously looking at carpet, Ron and Daniel began testing out the carpet. After all, why buy carpet for kids if it isn’t comfy to sit on? Next time you go carpet shopping, invite these two–you’ll be glad you did!

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