The Source of Rest

Christian summer camp and retreat center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is wonderful place to have a retreat and connect with the source of rest.


The world around us is screaming, “GO GO GO!” all the time and most of our jobs are evaluated by how much do. Yet the more we do and the more we go, it never feels like “enough”. This performance driven mentality is exhausting and can ruin lives if left unchecked. As a retreat center director and follower of Jesus I know it is healthy to rest and even more pressing– a critical component to KNOWING God. Psalm 46 speaks of the power and might of God. It is all the place where we are called to “be still and know”. We can only go so far. We can only achieve so much, and I promise you it is far less than what He can accomplish when we are still and wait for His move!
A few days ago I read the devotion from Oswald Chambers about the beauty of waiting on the Lord. Resting and waiting are very similar. Both are counter cultural and feel counter natural in our society. BUT they both produce so much fruit. With waiting comes the direction and will of God. With rest comes purpose, fruit and security. I once heard someone say that

people should either pray or worry…… Don’t do both.

That is so profound! How many times to we ask the Lord or pray for something and then five minutes later are so stressed about what is going to happen in that situation? Jesus tells us not to worry!!!!! Matt 6:25-34 But worry is the result of a life of busyness and not an attribute of God. That is where the source of rest comes in. The offers a place to those who are weary and tired, and as well as refreshment He offers the opportunity to be free from worry.
Worry is a choice. Fear is a choice. Choosing a life of rest and love is a choice. I want my life to be marked not by how much I accomplish but by how much I have trusted and rested in the Lord. Accomplishments and work will get done because let’s remember hard work was modeled by God at the dawn of time, but so was rest.
I encourage you to realign your schedule. Make the time to rest in the Lord and discover where He is moving. If we get in his groove the worries of the world have no place to take root in our lives. If you need to plan a retreat or a get away, please call us! We are here not only to serve other organizations and churches within the body of Christ, but also individuals who need a time to retreat, reflect and restore!
*Shepherd’s Fold Ranch operates as a Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center in Avant, OK just north of Tulsa. Daniel Roberts wrote this little piece and serves as the Retreat Director and marketing manager for the Fold. If you need anything give him a shout.