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Tulsa Boiler Room | Fall Church Retreats

Tulsa Church Retreats

* Oklahoma Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch host numerous groups an church retreats.*


The sun was out, there was a brisk wind and the weather was perfect for a Fall Retreat when The Tulsa Boiler Room pulled into Shepherd’s Fold Ranch for their annual prayer retreat.  The Tulsa Boiler Room is a prayer furnace of believers who believe in the power of intercessory prayer and intentional community. They are a church that focuses on “spuds” that are essentially groups of Jesus followers who meet weekly to pray, eat and walk out Scripture. Once a month all the spuds come together for a celebration meal and stories of where God is working are shared. The leader of TBR is Tim Way and his wife Jill. They are an amazing couple with a full house of kids and many treasures stored in heaven. Having spent numerous years as overseas missionaries that truly have embraced a life that gives and serves. I know the Lord delights in them.

For the retreat its self, the group arrives on Friday night and stays through Sunday morning. They really take advantage of our great Retreat Property and have a relaxing time of prayer, fellowship, delicious food and outdoor adventures. Their programming was simple.  HAVE A GOOD TIME! That can be the point of a Successful Church Retreat when you come in with that plan. I will share their schedule with you just so you have that to look at, but it is important to note that The Boiler Room shares a lot of DNA with Shepherd’s Fold. We are both striving to be led by the Holy SPirit, we both value intentional community and understand the importance of prayer! We love hosting them each year. 


Arrival:  Fri @ 8:00 pm
bonfires:  Fri & Sat @ 9:00 pm
Breakfasts:  8:30
Lunches:  12:30
Dinner:  5:30
Depart:  Sun @ 2:00 pm
As you can see, two of the biggest parts of their Programming were the evening Bonfires. This is a perfect time for a Fall Retreat because the weather lends itself to enjoyable evenings! Call us today to book a retreat that would include a bonfire, smores and even a good ole country hayride! There are lots of things you can do when you come out here for a retreat in the fall, but those are some of the best while it is a little bit chilly. Another great thing that The Boiler Room does is bring tons of board games. Nothing bridges generational gaps like a good game of rummy or Yahtzee! It is so fun to see people of all ages getting together and having a good time. The host for the weekend was Brian Cunningham and his wife Anna. They are a fantastic newly married couple who have decided to join the Summer Leadership Team for Summer Camp 2014 again as the The Furnace Directors and Worship Leaders. We are so blessed to have them both and are looking forward to the love and devotion they both have being poured into our Summer interns “The Furnace.
Make sure and call the office soon if you are interested in booking a Retreat this Fall or Winter. We are running a couple promotions, so just ask for Daniel and I  can tell you all about them! 
God Bless!!
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