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3 Reasons Why You Will Love Camping With SFR

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Camping With SFR

*This article was written and posted by Tulsa Camp Counselor – Hope Chitwood

Every year we have hundreds of kids attend Shepherd’s Fold Ranch in Avant, Oklahoma. As the kids arrive we are always excited to see them to witness first-hand the great works that God will do in their lives during their camping experience. And from the moment we meet them until the time that they leave we are very aware of the tremendous responsibility that we have been given as their camp counselors. Because we have a reputation as the best Tulsa Camp in the area, we are also always looking for great ways to improve the camping experience. However, regardless of what changes we make to the camp each year, 3 things always stay the same:

1) Awesome Staff – The people that we hire at SFR really make the camping experience. Because our staff is super fun, everything the kids experience is super fun. Nobody wants to going rowing with a cynical camp director or to go hiking with negative Nancy. Kids want to share their experiences with someone who cares and that is something that we offer.

2) Great Memories – The most important part of the camp is the way your remember it. Our staff, the program and everything that we do leads to building great memories. Usually kids will remember 2-3 things about their camp experience. First they always remember the encounter that they had with the Lord. Second, they always remember their camp counselor and the impact they had on their experience. And finally all of the kids remember the adventures that they went on in their week away from the city and the daily routine of their young lives.

3) Fun Games – Have you ever played “Big Frizz?” Have you ever experienced “Camp-Wide Capture the Flag?” Have you ever played “Epic Night Games?” These are just a few of the fun things that kids love about SFR’s legendaryĀ games.

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