Day #6 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa summer camp is only two months away!!!!!! I am SO excited for summer camp and campers and summer staff!!! I’m definitely ready for camp to begin. The games and the people and the worship are going to ROCK! We’ve got new songs this summer. And we have new staff! I’m interviewing a staff member tomorrow. She used to be a camper at Shepherd’s Fold and now she’s going to be on our summer staff!

Yesterday Ron and I went to Rivergate Church in Tulsa. We talked to parents about coming to camp this summer at Shepherd’s Fold. The new campers were ready to hop on the camp bus! There were some already-Foldies there too! Evie, Dacie, and Laura—sweet girls! They were telling their friends all about camp. Ron was teasing them about the awesome new things that will be at camp this summer—things that haven’t been done at camp in a very long time! BUT he wouldn’t give away what those things were.

I get to have lunch with Lisa today! She’s so sweet and makes REALLY good food! We talk about everything under the sun. Yesterday I laid in the sun for a couple of hours and read a book. I got a little bit sun burnt, but it was so nice to soak up the sunshine! After that, I fed the horses. I think they’re ready for campers to be here too. Laura has been working with them and they’re looking great for trail rides and mini-lessons!

I talked with Anna Miller this morning. She took a road trip to California for spring break. She visited some of our other summer staff—Claire Yinger and Alyssa Smith, as well as a past summer staff member—Jon Fouch. She camped at Yosemite park on the way back to Tulsa, Oklahoma! Apparently there was still snow on the ground. CRAZY! Everything is so green here at the Fold. It’s beautiful.

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