Day #7 – Tulsa Summer Camp Director’s Journal – Hope Chitwood

Tulsa summer camp is getting closer every day! And camp shows it. We’ve been doing a lot of work around here to get the Fold ready for campers. The Lord has turned everything green and raised the water in the pond. Kids can finally jump off of the tower!! A few weeks ago, we hired a man named Jack. He’s been trimming trees like crazy! Camp looks so good and parents and campers will be very pleased when they see camp this summer. Treehouse Village will be complete this week. The woodwork is finished, the cabins and clubhouse are painted, concrete doorsteps have been poured in front of each cabin, and Mr. Boggs is putting in the last of the energy efficient windows! WOO HOO! The cabins look incredible! I am so excited for kids to come check them out.

Dana is coming today! She’s working on decorations for all of camp! To stick with the theme of The Amazing Race, she and Brian have picked different countries around the world for each location of camp. Camp is going to look amazing! Dana and Brian have also been working on the activity classes, which are going to be a lot of fun! A few classes included are archery, horseback riding, crafts and orienteering. Kids will get to choose one and stay in the same class for the entire week. Let me tell you, they are going to ROCK. They’ve also been coming up with lots of new games. Some if the games we have played at the fall and winter retreats. We’ll play more at the Spring Retreat in a few weeks. You better sign up before all of the spaces are filled!

This afternoon, we’re going to watch the Beware of Christians movie. The trailer seems pretty neat. It’s ‘a documentary about leaving religion to follow Jesus’. I’ll update you on it tomorrow. Also, this afternoon, we’re going to decide what new, awesome items we’ll be putting in the store! I am PUMPED. New shirts, new hats, new finger lights, new snacks, new lots of things will be in the store!! I’m going to read the Hunger Games. I love reading and several of our camp staff have read it and really enjoy it, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Know what’s funny? In high school, I seriously considered not going to college so that I wouldn’t have to write papers. Thankfully, I went to college and found out that writing papers really wasn’t that bad. But it still wasn’t my favorite. So when I was blessed with being Camp Director at SFR, I wasn’t anticipating having to write every day…and here I am blogging about summer camp! Who would have thought?