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Youth Retreat Center | New Cabins

Oklahoma Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is getting some new cabins!

As we have been a Christian Summer Camp and Retreat Center for over 40 years, we have begun to learn who really uses SFR the best. From it’s inception we have been a kid’s summer camp and most of our retreats who have had tremendous success have been for youth and children. Now, don’t get me wrong. We have hosted thousands of adult retreats and many faithful families and churches have their retreats out year year after year. WE LOVE HOSTING CHURCHES!!!! It is one of the main reasons I get excited about each day. BUT– we have also learned some of our greatest weaknesses in serving adult groups: OUR BUNK BEDS and CABIN DESIGN.

Well faithful friends, worry no more because as of this year we will be getting some brand spanking new cabins with more comfortable bunks, small kitchens, nice living rooms and some more amazing decks!!!!! As the Retreat Director I am so excited to have these in our facility portfolio to be able to offer our guests and I am excited to see the finished products. As of right now, we have began the purge and land development where the cabins will be built. For those of you Foldies who want to know where they are going to be built, let me tell you.

The first outdoor pavilion on Shepherd’s Fold’s property, as some may not know, was not The Eagle’s Nest. In fact it was the rafters. The rafters provided the template for the Eagle’s Nest and was used for years as the stage and meeting place for all camp activities. Well since those days the rafters got converted to the grounds and maintenance hub and has operated in that capacity since the 2000s. In building the new cabins we are also going to convert the rafters back into an open air pavilion to provide another space and place for people to gather! The cabins will be built in a sort of half moon (or horseshoe if you will) down in what was Ā formerly staff parking and the round pen. The cabins will in a sort be encircling the rafters while facing up to the road and towards the barn.

Ideally these cabins will have two bedrooms with beds for up to 6, two bathrooms and a large kitchen/dining room in half with a large living room in the other half.

These cabins will be the first lodging addition to SFR in over 20 years. Thank you Jesus!!! He has provided us such favor and provision. It has been amazing to see people giving money for the cabins. They are almost half way paid for! If you are interested in supporting the mission of SFR and paying for part of cabin, head on over to our Donation Page. All donations are tax deductible and greatly valued.

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