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Camp For Likes// Win Free Camp


Win a free week of summer camp at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch by sharing this picture and being the first person to receive 5,000 unique likes!

Here is the link to the facebook promotion.


Your picture must include this in the description:

“Like this page so I can win a free week of summer camp at my favorite camp, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch! If I am the first one to get 5,000 likes I win a free week this summer. Check out more about SFR at their website:




*Participants must take this picture, share it themselves and be the first one to receive 5,000 unique likes on their page will win (1) free week of overnight summer camp during the summer of 2013. To verify the authenticity of the picture, participants must email the link to the picture with 5,000 likes. The contest will run until some one wins or May 11,2013 (which ever comes first). No partial awards will be given and Shepherd’s Fold Ranch holds the right to cancel the contest for any reason. The maximum value of this prize is $495. The award cannot be split between different recipients or camp sessions.*


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