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Camp Program Logistics

The American Camping Association posted an article titled “What Parents Want to Know that Camp Counselors Should Know”. The article focuses on five major areas of camp that parents have questions about. I have been walking through each section of ACA’s post and answering the questions for Shepherd’s Fold. The first three posts go over SFR’s Staff Qualifications, Camper Health and Safety, Communication and Technology with Campers, Camper Expectations and Behaviors, SFR Discipline, Dress Code, and Homesickness.

Section 5: Camp Program Logistics

This is the fun part – CAMP IS ALL FUN AND GAMES AND JESUS!IMG_0020

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is known as ‘a place in the country where you can do business with God’. It is safe to say that we spend 80% of our time outdoors…We love exploring God’s creation! We do make sure the staff and campers wear sunscreen, take water breaks, and rest in the shade. We eat and sleep in the sweet air conditioned dining hall and cabins, respectively. If the Lord blesses us with rain, we either play in it for a short amount of time then dry off and play games inside, or simply go straight to playing indoors or under the covering of shelter.

  • Camper Drop-Off Time
    • Day Camp: 9am Monday – Friday
    • Overnight Camp: Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm.
    • Camper Pick-Up/ Closing Ceremony
      • Day Camp: 4pm Monday through Thursday. FRIDAY there will be a special presentation at 3pm.
      • Overnight Camp: Saturday morning at 10am we will begin our closing ceremony in the Eagle’s Nest. This includes several different Kodak moments that you won’t want to miss!


Day Camper

9:00 am- Arrival

9:20 am- Welcome to camp

9:30 am – Games (with water breaks and sunscreen re-applications)sfr-slider_0001_Layer 3

11:00 pm- Lunch

11:30 pm- Waterfront (alternating days between pool and pond)

12:30 pm- Craft

1:15 pm- Ministry Time

2:00 pm- Snack

2:30 pm- Counselor Groups

3:30 pm- Pray/ Memory Verses

4:00 pm- Parent Pick-Up*

*Friday the Closing Ceremony will begin at 3pm.


Overnight Camper  *Tuesday and Thursday are mandatory shower nights

8:00 am- Breakfast

8:30 am- Cabin Clean-Up

9:15 am- Morning Encounter (teaching the campers the importance of

and how to have their own daily quiet time with the Lord)

10:00 am- Games (with water breaks and sunscreen re-applications)Boys_I Love SFR

11:00 am- All Camp Game Challenges

12:00 pm- Lunch

12:30 pm- Family Group Time (cabin groups)

1:30 pm- Activity Classes

2:45 pm- Free Time: pool/pond/Frisbee/basketball/volleyball/horses/etc.

(Counselors remain with the campers at all times)

5:15 pm- Get ready for dinner

5:45 pm- Dinner

6:30 pm- Mini All Camp Games

7:15 pm- Worship/ Night Encounter

8:15 pm- Cabin Talks (campers ask questions about the night meeting)

9:00 pm- Store

9:30 pm- Night Games (Counselors remain with the campers at all times)

10:45 pm- Bedtime


If you have any questions, please contact the SFR Team at 918.263.3622 or


  1. Joanne Stadler on June 16, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Please send some calendar dates and information about possible camping weeks for a 10 year old boy June, July and August the summer 1915 by e-mail or to mail address below. Thank you! Joanne
    Joanne Stadler
    6856 E. 54th St.
    Tulsa, OK 74145

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