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Camper Health and Safety

IMG_0271The American Camping Association did a study and found that there are five major questions parents want answered before sending their children to camp. In my last post, I addressed the question concerning staff qualifications. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, you can find the post on our Media Page, under Blogs.

Section 2: Camper Health and Safety

The topic of today is ‘Camper Health and Safety’. We know you are entrusting us with your greatest treasure. That’s why we make it a priority to keep your children safe at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. Our motto is “A Place Called Home.” In order to keep the ‘family feel’, we do our best to keep the staff-to-camper ratio 1 to 6, which helps us keep the campers supervised at all times. There are a minimum of two staff members in every cabin. At night, our leadership staff members conduct a security check to ensure all campers are safely tucked in their beds, and also that all cabin doors and gates are locked. Ron Griffin, former U.S. Army Green Beret and our Executive Director, lives on camp grounds with his wife and children. In addition the nine years he served in the military, he also worked three years as a security consultant for the U.S. Government. Ron is very passionate about the safety of all the campers, and as a parent of four young children who live onsite at camp, he strives for Shepherd’s Fold to be a low-risk atmosphere.

In the two weeks before camp, every staff member is trained in SFR’s Emergency Procedures. Should fire or severe weather occur, we are prepared. The weather is regularly being monitored, with updates automatically being sent to several phones on camp.Boys_I Love SFR

As you know, Oklahoma is infamous for its heat. Here at Shepherd’s Fold, we take every precaution to keep the campers cool and hydrated. Upon arrival at camp, each camper receives a water bottle and backpack with their name on it. This allows them to keep their water bottle on them, along with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and anything else they want to keep on them. Throughout the day, we regularly stop all activities for shade and water breaks. We plan our schedule so that the running games are in the morning and the water activities are in the afternoon, with low-energy activities in the shade after lunch. In addition to these measures, we certify every member on staff in First Aid. Our staff members are able to recognize signs of heat exhaustion and take action should they notice any signs.

We also have a Registered Nurse or Paramedic who stay on camp grounds 24/7 each week. If your child takes any medications, they should be checked into the camp medical personnel during Sunday’s registration. All medications are kept under lock and key. Throughout the week, only the RN/Medic will administer the medications. If your child gets sick, they will be taken care of by the medical personnel on camp and you (the parent) will be contacted within a reasonable amount of time.

Here at Shepherd’s Fold, we do not provide special meals for campers, but we do inform our staff of a camper’s restrictions and help the camper choose allowed foods from our available menu. There are fresh fruits and cereal available at every breakfast, and we offer a full salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables at every lunch and dinner. (It’s personally my favorite salad bar I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait for summer to get here!)

If you still have questions, as always, please feel free to call me at the office. My number is 918.263.3622. I am happy to answer any questions you have or help you register for camp 2013!

Blessings, Hope

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