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Challenge Quest Ropes Trainings

One of our favorite things to do during summer camp is flying over the pond down the zip line! It’s a really fun way to conquer your fear of heights or simply view the world from a different perspective. The 2013 camping season has just ended, but we are already preparing for summer 2014!IMG_8292

SFR is part of a consortium offered by Challenge Quest, a company that creates and facilitates cutting edge learning experiences, innovative consulting practices, and the construction and operation of challenge courses. This fall a handful of students from the Furnace will be attending an array of trainings including low ropes, high ropes, corporate facilitator, and spiritual facilitator courses so that they can take the camper experiences to the next level.

If you have any questions about our summer staff ropes course qualifications at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, feel free to contact the office at 918-263-3622, or email the Camp Director at

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