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Fun & Adventure at America’s Best Summer Camp

Over the past couple of weeks I have made several posts, each focusing on one of the seven Guiding Principles by which Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, the Best Christian Summer Camp in Oklahoma, directs the organization. Be sure to check out the blogs on Unity, Discipleship, Relationship, and Stewardship. Today’s topic is Fun & Adventure!

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch will ensure that Fun and Adventure are a high priority in our programs and activities. IMG_2894

Who doesn’t want to something fun?! Camping at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is all about it! Summer Camp begins with Fun when you get out of your cars on Sunday and the week is packed with Adventure up until the time campers get back into their cars on the following Saturday. You won’t want to miss out on all that happens at SFR!

Activities include zip lining across our two acre pond, sliding into the pool, tubing down a 200-foot slip’n’slide, playing ultimate Frisbee, singing loud during WACKO (Wild And Crazy Kid-O’s), jumping off the tower into the pond, well… we can’t tell you ALL the fun things at camp! Exploring new things is half the Adventure! Come #explore2014 with us. Registration for camp opens December 1, 2013!

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