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How to Choose a Summer Camp, Part 3

GreatSchools wrote an article discussing ten questions you should consider when choosing a summer camp for your child. In the article, the GreatSchools staff mention the American Camp Association, which is community of camp professionals who, for 100 years, have joined together to share knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs.

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is currently undergoing the ACA accreditation process. We are very excited to become a part of this great organization.

The questions from the GreatSchools article are broken into several posts into several different posts. Below is Part 3 of the questions the GreatSchools article suggests being asked before signing up to a summer camp. I have answered the questions for SFR. Feel free to contact the office 918.263.3622 with any further questions. The SFR team is happy to help!

 6. What medical staff work at the camp and what backup facilities are nearby?

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch has a Registered Nurse stay on camp and are available 24/7 each week campers are here. SFR’s selection process for the camp nurse requires a familiarity with a current member at SFR, application, interview with the Camp Director, reference checks, and a verification of an Oklahoma RN License by the OBN.

All medications are kept under lock, only being accessed by the RN on site. All prescribed medications must be in the original container with instructions from the physician.

The ACA recommends that an overnight camp have a licensed physician or registered nurse on the site every day, and that day camps should have direct phone access. If your child takes medication, has food allergies or a chronic medical condition, be sure you are comfortable that the camp will be able to handle your child’s needs.

Skiatook EMS is less than 15 minutes from SFR, and Avant Fire Department is less than a mile from SFR.

7. What is the camp’s approach to discipline and how does the camp handle conflicts between campers?IMG_0584

To view our detailed disciplinary procedures, check out the post Camper Expectations, Part 3: SFR Disciplinary Procedure.

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