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Summer Camp Friendships

I have the best friends.

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch has a yearly event called the Fall Retreat. It’s where campers from the Summer return to Camp for a weekend of super fun games, heavenly worship, and reconnecting friendships. I had a parent call me today. Her daughter is signed up to attend the retreat and she just wanted to make sure a few gals from the summer were coming.

Here at SFR, we make sure to build relationships with as many parents and campers as possible. The mom who called knows me by name, and the same goes for me with her. And the cool thing? The camper had already been placed in the same cabin as the other two gals the mom listed. That’s how we do it here at SFR – we know your name and serve your needs.

Come check us out. Let us be your friend. See you at camp!

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