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Summer Discipleship

This is post number three of seven. The first was about Relationship and the second was about Stewardship. Another of the seven Guiding Principles that leads our organization is Discipleship.

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch will equip believers to walk in a confident relationship with God. 

SFR implements this Guiding Principle in many ways. A couple of those are the morning and evening encounters we do each day of camp, and the Furnace (a 10-week Summer Discipleship Program) for our summer staff members.

The morning encounters are 30-60 minutes set aside each day to teach the campers the importance of having a daily quiet time, why we spend Daily Quiet Time with Jesus, several different ways how to do so, and a daily opportunity at camp to practice. The night encounters are typically 60-80 minutes of worship and teachings each evening of camp. We encourage the campers that there is freedom in worshipping – they can sit, stand, sing quietly or loudly, dance, jump, shout, and do whatever they feel. The teachings are geared toward the age of the group. We teach the Bible – that Jesus loves us and we are to love other people. It’s that simple.

The Furnace, our Summer Discipleship Program, is 10 weeks of Education, Experience, and Evaluation for the 18-24 year olds who serve in many capacities throughout the summer as a part of the Furnace. To find out more, go to our Furnace Page. (The Furnace was created by Clay Staires, youngest son of the founders of Shepherd’s Fold. He now has his own business, Growing Leaders.)


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