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Winter Retreat Discounts

*Oklahoma Christian summer camp and retreat center, Shepherd’s Fold Ranch  offers great discounts for Church Retreats in the winter.*

Things sure slow down when winter hits. We are looking forward to an exciting one considering we are building some new cabins, hiring a new staff member, hosting an incredible Christmas party and facilitating a few retreats. While all this is going on it it is still relatively slow revenue wise. Most churches and school are taking time off, spending time with families and universally booking fewer retreats. To circumvent this change we plan to offer some great discounts on our already affordable rates for our retreat clients. Below is an explanation of some of the discounts and some ideas to assist you in fundraising for retreats.

1/2 off additional nights

Our normal rates of $32 per person per night are already some of the cheapest in Oklahoma. We are frequently informed how affordable our fees are comparatively! To be honest it is best for us staffing and cost wise to host groups staying more than one night. Because of this, we want to offer a discount of 1/2 off any additional nights for retreats booked in December-February 2014. The discounted nights must be in connection with a full paid overnight lodging and can not be combined with any other discounts, unless it has been discussed with the Retreat Director.

25% off a total overnight stay

If a multi-night stay is not your thing and are just looking for a place for an overnight retreat then we are offering a discount just for you! We would love to invite you to stay in one of our cabins and rent our kitchen to provide your own meals. Our kitchen is a full commercial grade kitchen with a gas stove, griddle, convection oven, warmer, dishwasher, walk in freezer, fridges, all the cooking equipment and serving utensils you need to plan some delicious meals. All we ask our guest to do is wash all that they use and clean the kitchen before their departure according to the posted checklist. This helps us keep our rates low while being able to provide great offerings. If you decide you want to rent the kitchen but do not want to use our dishes, you are welcome to bring your own paper and plastic goods to serve on and avoid the dish washing.

Large Group Discounts

Are you bringing a group over 100? If so please let us know and we can help save you some money! Our total capacity is 190 beds and want to be a great place for groups in the 100-150 range. We are able to give you some more savings if your group is larger than one hundred , you just need to ask. By next summer we will have added another 40 beds in 4 new cabins we are building this winter and spring. These cabins will be perfect places for Leadership Retreats, Adult retreats, special guests and families.

If you would like more information about these discounts and other offerings we have out here, call us today!

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