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Worship at SFR Summer Camp

Shepherd’s Fold Ranch is not affiliated with any particular  denomination; however we work with many churches and ministries throughout Oklahoma.

A typical worship time at SFR Treehouse Village and Ranch Camp includes worship songs focused on God’s abounding love for us and our volunteer response of love back to Him. We primarily use a projector and acoustic guitars. Our worship model involves singing songs “to” God rather than just “about” him. We encourage and hope to teach our    campers how to encounter God in worship, seeking a connection with Jesus, Whose delight is in us and Whose desire is for us.

We ask God to touch our hearts and tenderize us by his Holy Spirit so we may be able to receive what he has prepared for us who love him. We ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit in our worship that we may know him better. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Cor. 3:17).

It is amazing what happens in our hearts when we get a tiny glimpse of his extravagant love for us!


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