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A Tulsa Christian Summer Camp Director’s Journal – By Hope Chitwood

Day #2 – Christian Summer Camping in Tulsa, Oklahoma

It’s a rainy day here at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch Christian summer camp and retreat center! The much-needed rain has been coming down since about 9am this morning. It’s only rained a handful of times since last summer!! The creeks here at camp are rising, which is good for the summer! Hopefully the pond will hold all of this water so our Oklahoma campers—boys and girls—can jump off of the fun tower this summer!

I’m the only person at the ranch today. The maintenance men were here, but the rain limited their grass-mowing. Christina is working with Mission Academy in Tulsa and The Griffins are spending a few days in Texas for spring break. I’m sure they’re having lots of fun, but they are all missed here at camp! I can’t wait until summer when all of the camp staff will be here. The summer staff love working here at the Tulsa area kids camp in Oklahoma.

OH! The Staires’ family is at the beach for their spring break. I’m watching Miss Dolly for them. She LOVES being at camp—especially during the summer. She loves running with the horses and swimming in the pond with the kids at camp during the summer. Charlie and Tucker, the camp dogs, are enjoying Dolly being at the ranch during the day. Then we all visit Dolly’s house overnight.

Just a reminder—the spring retreat is in five weeks! Be sure to sign up before the spots are gone! Click to register today!

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