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Bridgeway Leaders | Leadership Retreat

* Shepherd’s Fold Ranch, a fantastic Retreat Center in Oklahoma, has the privilege of hosting Bridgeway Church from Oklahoma City each year for their retreat of the families who lead their childrens’ ministry.

The team from Bridgeway usually visits Shepherd’s Fold at least twice in the summer. Once for our amazing Christian kid’s summer camp and then again with their families for a little leadership retreat in late August. This past summer was no different. If you are looking a place to send your kids for an amazing week of camp where they will encounter the Lord, make some fantastic friends, go on adventures outside and be challenged to follow God then there is no where better than Shepherd’s Fold. Anyways, Bridgeway’s childrens’ ministry team came and stayed with us for the weekend at the end of August and it was a blast. They did a basic single night retreat that included some archery instruction some good ole’ smores around a camp fire, delicious meals on Saurday and some powerful time together as a team. Check out what they did below.


Breakfast (Saturday @ 8:00am)
Lunch (Saturday at 12:00pm)
Archery @ 3:00pm Friday
Campfire @ 6:00pm Friday
Swimming (life guards) Friday 8:30pm – 10:00pm
Slip and Slide Saturday @ 11:00am
Swimming (life guards) Saturday 1:00pm – 3:00pm
With such a short stay Bridgeway wanted a couple of activities for their kiddos, but mostly wanted time to worship the Lord together and relax. Their groups leader is a planning genius, so  they were very easy to work with and we are so thankful to be a part of the Bridgeway family. As you may be looking into planning your own retreat I can not stress enough the value of over communicating. It takes all the guess work out of managing a schedule when it has been reviewed twelve times! One other great thing they did in the planning stages was ask lots of questions concerning event time slots. During the scheduling phase all parties involved should have the same expectations for the events. 


Archery is a classic camp activity, but it should not be taught by just anyone. Our archery instructors are taught according to the JOAD components and all have a love for the bow. Within the archery time, participants are taught basic shooting technique, arrow retrieval practices and then allowed to shoot. There were quite the archers within Bridgeway and having two hours allotted they were able to get very good. Most ranges shoot at 20-30ft and have large 36-48″ targets. There were some kids shooting this weekend that were hitting the bullseye at least 50% of the time. Impressive to say the least! Also, we set up our EPIC slip n slide for the families and some said it was the highlight of the weekend. Being over 100ft long  and covered in soap and fast ride is guaranteed. Check out some of the awesome pictures from the slip n slide and other Fun Camp Activities.

The SFR Effect:

As always the Slip N Slide puts a smile on any ones face, but it was also said that the meals for this weekend blew everyone’s mind. Our amazing cook and meal planner, Kathie came up with a delicious home made red velvet cupcake recipe and topped it off with some thick cream cheese icing. Her salad bar is nothing to sneeze at (or sneeze on) being chocked full of fresh veggies and some homemade dressings.

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